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2014 Urban Climate Institute. The 2014 UCI conference at Georgia Tech.

Three and a half billion people currently reside in cities with six billion projected to call cities home by 2050. In much of the world, cities are warming at twice the rate of outlying rural areas and so the frequency of urban heat waves is projected to increase with climate change through the 21st century. Addressing the economic, environmental, and human costs of urban scale climate change requires a better understanding from many disciplinary perspectives. The goal of the Urban Climate Institutes (UCIs) is to advance multidisciplinary understanding of urban heat islands, examine how they can be ameliorated through engineering and design practices, and share these new insights with a wide array of stakeholders responsible for managing urban warming to reduce their health, economic, and environmental impacts. The UCIs will involve atmospheric scientists, engineers, architects, landscape designers, urban planners, public health, and education and outreach experts, who will share knowledge, evaluate research directions, and communicate knowledge and research recommendations to the larger research community as well as to stakeholders engaged in developing strategies to adapt to and mitigate urban warming.

The purpose of this website is to disseminate materials from the 2014 Urban Climate Institute meeting held in Atlanta, Georgia over the 9th and 10th of July, 2014. Focused on issues of urban climate change and public health, the 2014 UCI meeting is intended to foster connections between experts across the several represented disciplines of climate and health research, as well as between experts in these fields and regional governmental officials focused on public health, planning, and emergency preparedness. We hope the various materials here will provide a basis for continuing research and outreach around issues of urban climate and health, and around planning for extreme heat, in particular.

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Urban Climate Modeling

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Heat Adaptation and Health

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Urban Warming and Air Pollution

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Urban Warming and Disease Transmission

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UCI Presentations: Day 1

Matei Georgescu: Urban Climate Modeling.

James Voogt Response: Urban Climate Modeling.

Jason Vargo: Heat Adaptation and Health.

Patrick Kinney: Urban Warming and Air Pollution.

Greg Wellenius Response: Urban Warming and Air Pollution.

Uriel Kitron: Urban Warming and Infectious Disease.

Group Report: Urban Scale Climate Modeling.

Group Report: Urban Warming and Heat Illness.

Group Report: Urban Warming, Air Pollution, and Infectious Disease.

UCI Presentations: Day 2

Jeremy Hess: Urban Heat and Health.

Kim Knowlton Response: Urban Heat and Health.

Marshall Shepherd: Responding to Climate Variability.

Betsy Kagey: Responding to Extreme Weather in Georgia.

Brenda Hoppe: Innovations in Emergency Response Planning for Extreme Heat.

Larissa Larsen Response: Innovations in Emergency Response Planning for Extreme Heat.

Brian Stone: Heat Adaptation Planning.

Denise Quarles Response: Heat Adaptation Planning.